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Click Forensics, the leader of the Traffic Quality Management market, provides solutions to advertisers, publishers and ad networks to help measure and improve traffic quality. Our traffic quality management solutions use patent-pending heuristic technology (complex rules) to identify and stop click fraud and other unwanted traffic. Click Forensics for Advertisers™ enables advertisers to eliminate click fraud and stop low quality traffic, reducing wasted ad spend and increasing conversions. Click Forensics for Publishers and Ad Networks™ uses a real time API so publishers can filter out click fraud and poor quality traffic that can negatively affect commission tiers. Click Forensics helps publishers attract only high quality traffic that ultimately results in higher commissions, more ROI for clients, and client retention. Led by online marketing and Internet security veterans, the company offers the only software-as-a-service solution to combine fraud detection with proactive prevention techniques, resulting in dramatic improvements in overall traffic quality through the generation of actionable data.
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Click Forensics
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(866) 512-5425

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4301 Westbank Drive
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Austin, Texas 78746

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