Amazon EMR Information Kit: Learn Why Amazon EMR is Not Easy


Hype abounds about Big Data. And it's hard to know how to effectively exploit its potential. Learn how to separate fact from fiction in this new webinar + research note titled "Amazon EMR is Easy and 7 Other Myths." If you're considering launching a new Big Data initiative, or if you are currently struggling with Amazon EMR, view this 30 minute on-demand webinar + research note and dispel the most common untruths about Amazon EMR, including:

  • The differences between Hadoop-as-a-Service and Amazon EMR
  • Why Hadoop on Amazon is not elastic
  •  Why EMR is not a "plug-n-play" application
  • How costs get out of control with Amazon EMR

Tags : amazon emr, big data, haddop

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Published:  Aug 25, 2015
Type:  Webinar