New Strategies and Top Challenges in Workforce Management: Highlights from the 2014-15 Trend Survey

Workforce Software

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Jonathan Corke, Director of Communications, WorkForce Software

Do you want to know how other organizations design, execute, and measure workforce management programs? Here’s your chance.

Each year, Workforce Magazine surveys HR professionals on their top challenges and current approaches to time, scheduling, leave management, and labor compliance. This year, 930 responded, and they had a lot to say.

Get ahead of 2015 with this ‘crash course’ on the most common challenges—and most effective solutions—identified by nearly a thousand of your peers.

Here's a glimpse into what you'll learn:

  • What factors are increasing the workload – and business risk – of labor compliance
  • How employers are shaping workforce management policies to better attract and enable top talent
  • Why employee fatigue is a serious concern, and what programs are being used to address it
  • How the cloud, labor analytics, and other big ideas are placing new demands on workforce management systems

Gauge how your practices stack up, and to learn tips for making your team even more effective in 2015.

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Published:  Dec 16, 2015
Type:  Webinar