The Supercharged Building


Architects and engineers worldwide are trying to find ways to design large structures in a more energy conscious way. Often this means embedding ever greater complexity into construction. And while this achieves en­ergy savings, the added systems and technology drive up the price of any building, and especially green building.

This whitepaper describes a better way, one that costs no more than conventional construction, yet offers superior energy management and comfort.

This paper also looks at where con­temporary building often goes wrong. For example, today’s building industry relies heavily on technology, but neglects age-old practices used for centuries to naturally heat and cool inner spaces. These practices paid attention to air flow and used temperature-moderating materials. These building designs are more comfortable for the occupants plus these practices significantly reduced maintenance and energy cost. To learn more, download this special report from the writers of Energy Efficiency Markets. 

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Published:  Oct 17, 2013
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Type:  White Paper